Media Relations

We respect and understand journalists and deliver the content they want – well-written, interesting copy that appeals to their target audiences.

We understand the importance of visuals to accompany a story and the need for the content to be forward-looking. We have excellent contacts and supplement this with robust databases. We contact journalists one-to-one, following strict GDPR guidelines and never use automated messaging software. Our results speak for us, so please ask for our credentials and observe the superb results we achieve for clients on a weekly basis. 

Some agencies specialise purely in one sector of the media. We are particularly adept at reaching audiences in national and regional newspapers, both in print and digitally, national and regional magazines, radio and TV. We love working with journalists both in the UK and abroad as several of our clients are global brands. 

We will happily coach those who are unused to media interviews, so that you can enjoy the experience and put your message across with clarity.  

Our media monitoring services involve two sophisticated services that help us capture as many media articles as possible, supplemented by our own research. 

Product Publicity

We are skilled in promoting products for clients, particularly in the area of gadgets and puzzles.

We are fortunate enough to have the highly prestigious Rubik’s Brand as our client – the world’s best-selling puzzle, designed by the Hungarian Ernő Rubik. 

Innovation is second nature to Rubik’s and each quarter brings new products aimed at different target audiences. 

The agency is strong too in promoting services, knowing that concepts can be very difficult to explain, especially if the offering is new and people are unable to quickly visualise it or what it does. 

All promotion has its challenges which typically involve resistance if people feel they are being constantly ‘sold to’. A way around this is for information to be educational and advice driven. 

Design and Artwork

Design presents a great opportunity for businesses but it’s important to understand a client’s brief.

We work with two highly experienced designers who cover graphic design and digital design (yes, they are different.) 

We are delighted to produce anything from a flyer to promote a new service, through to spectacular glossy brochures or websites.  

Pride is taken to write copy well and to proof-read even better. Accuracy is crucial if we are to complete projects to a high standard (several of our clients are dyslexic, so they thank us for checking carefully). 

We also have excellent relationships with top quality printers who produce high quality materials quickly. 

We have produced several websites for clients, where we write the copy and project manage the whole activity, ensuring a smooth and seamless process. Alex Stones designed this website and he is a genius at creating designs from scratch but is also happy to step in and up-date existing ones. 

Once the website is launched, a client might want us to populate blogs and keep their website and Twitter feed fresh, which we are delighted to do. 

Brochure Production

In an increasingly digital world, an elegantly designed brochure has strong impact.

It’s also possible to print small quantities of print digitally, on top quality stock, which can be produced surprisingly quickly. 

Succinct copy and strong imagery will help make your brochure brilliant, assisted by impactful graphic design. 

You might have your own in-house designer, in which case we would be delighted to provide the copy, source imagery and project manage the overall production. 

Or you might prefer us to cost the whole project. You might be surprised at the costs involved, in a nice way! 

In the business-to-business world, people receive so little by post, you can really stand out by producing well-targeted literature. 

Business Development

We spend a lot of time writing and designing informative digital newsletters to share with our client’s customers and prospects.

This activity helps with the business development for a leading B2B firm because their contacts actively respond to interesting mailings. 

We also know that good PR and publicity help with business development because people grow to like businesses and brands with whom they are familiar. 

PR also helps businesses and brands to be found more easily since press articles appear online when customers search for their brand name. This is sometimes called ‘media proof’. 

Positive PR can be linked to sales, although the precise relationship is virtually impossible to pinpoint – it really is a matter of faith, not a metric. There are frequent instances when our PR and publicity has coincided with sales spikes, for example when links appear in articles and the client’s product sales spike. However, there are many influences on the buyer, such as social media, advertising, physical retail, or ‘word of mouth’ from their best friend, so it’s important not to overstate the role of PR.

Brand Communication

Having promoted household brands for longer than I care to remember, I have a strong understanding of every element of branding.

Whether we are talking about brand essence or customer service, or every stage between, the agency can support brand owners in their marketing communication. 

We appreciate that strong brands are a combination of the ‘rational and the emotional’. PR assists in amplifying a brand. Positive publicity can add evidence to a brand’s veracity and can likewise create a favourable environment that facilities communication. 

A brand is nothing without connection to its target audiences. PR is all about connection – whether via articles in reputable digital media, a newspaper or magazine articles or an uplifting TV news item. People trust brands who behave kindly to them and who they recognise. 

If there is dissonance between the brand promise and brand delivery, the PR will not ring true. I’m sorry, but it’s unlikely the agency will be able to assist you. We’re not for everyone and not every business is for us.

Social Media

Social media management is a commoditised area of the communications industry that has grown massively over the past 10 years.

For this reason, we don’t actively seek stand-alone social media projects but offer the service to clients who are already receiving more significant services, such as media relations. We use scheduling tools to post messages that we create on behalf of clients and also do the necessary housekeeping on Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Where clients lack confidence in posting, we can assist by drafting content and posting on their behalf. 

If B2B clients want a social media presence, we recommend that they choose one channel on which to post regularly, such as LinkedIn and suggest that they provide regular input and monitor it frequently, rather than spreading themselves thinly across too many platforms. 

Event Support

We have clients who host events for their customers, potential clients and the general public. 

Since social distancing has been introduced, traditional face-to-face events have generally suffered, as has the catering, events and entertainment industry in general. 

This is sad but the interesting news is that several industries have managed to switch from face-to-face events to virtual ones. This is not a perfect solution by a long way but in the case of the awards industry, for example, many events are being maintained in a digital capacity. The aim is that when less restrictive practices resume, the events that have endured the Covid-19 restrictions will be strong and then amazing, real world face to face events will prevail. 

A client’s exhibition was closed during the lockdown period, so instead we set up a webinar where the client discussed some of his favourite clocks. 

The agency hosted the talk and helped invite the guests who were very grateful for such an interesting ‘horology hour’ with fascinating questions from the attentive audience.

Crisis Management

Just as is the case for animals, life can be challenging for humans.

Businesses do not always go to plan and it might be necessary for a director to defend themselves or their brand. Businesses involve people and this means that most directors and owners are at risk if people make mistakes or break the law. 

It’s perfectly natural for the media to be interested in knowing about conflict, especially if you have a high profile or a colleague’s transgression is severe.  

In this case, you need confidential and wise counsel, knowing that you are receiving the best advice from experienced practitioners. 

This is typically project work that comes to us via personal recommendation.  

Mistakes can be expensive to put right but the best advice is to have good protocols within your working practices and to do your best to be as kind as possible to the people you work with, whether that be colleagues, suppliers, customers or clients.

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