Agency founder, Tina Fotherby 

You may well ask, “Why all the animals on the website?” Like a lot of business owners I really struggle with self-promotion. Give me a client’s website to up-date and I’ll jump at the chance, but as for my own…. 

I love animals. They fill me with joy. How can you look at a bird and not believe in magic? Why do they flock together and always face towards the wind when there’s a bit of a breeze? We are all descended from animals and can learn a great deal from them. They have no need for religion or politics but they communicate to survive. 

Communication is the essence of what makes us human. Apparently we are the only animals that are ‘self-aware’ and have ‘consciousness’ and the ability to reason, but I fear that we are underestimating the power of our fellow earthlings. So you will find stunningly colourful creatures on this site here to make you smile. These images also remind us that we like what we’ve seen before, which is the main reason for PR being of value. People like what they know and that’s one of the purposes of public relations. 

“Famous Publicity” is a PR business that was established in 2014 to provide communications programmes to clients and in turn, provide top quality content to media outlets. 

I’m the one who interfaces with clients and project manages the work. I bring several decades of public relations experience to the table. I am supported by a team of dedicated professionals including writers, data analysts, photographers, videographers and designers to deliver the best results for our clients. I love technology and utilise the best software available to support client activities. The agency has contracts with Kantar (, Meltwater News, Agility PR and Response Source, to name a few. We also have contracts with the NLA and the CLA, so pay our necessary dues for newspaper copyright usage. 

All of our clients have one thing in common. They are top of their game, ethical and inherently modest. Some have business to business target audiences, others have consumer and some both. 

The name “Famous Publicity” was coined as a play on words since it’s my belief that it’s not natural to seek fame, but it is perfectly understandable to want recognition for the great work that you do. Most people simply want to be noticed within their peer groups or those people that matter to them. Fame for the sake of it generally has a bad ending. I’m not interested in that. Recognition through a trusted source such as print, radio or TV media is what “Famous Publicity” is all about. Why does our work not cover the world of Instagram influencers or YouTubers? The main reason is that this sector is highly commoditised (it’s difficult to earn a crust from it) and it’s unregulated. 

The focus on “Famous Publicity” is to gain client or brand awareness through trusted third-party sources. It’s what we do best. 

If you wonder what PR is all about, click on to the video above to find out more.

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