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Famous Publicity is a boutique PR consultancy with brilliant clients. We raise the profile of people, brands, businesses and charities. We take a hands-on approach, as well as being strategic and will aim to do all tasks in a timely way. We love the challenge of a tight deadline.

The agency is proudly small and works with friends in other complimentary disciplines to deliver the best results for clients. When we buy in external services, we don’t charge any mark-up, which is just one of the reasons why we have excellent client and supplier relationships. The agency’s founder, Tina Fotherby, worked in house for four years with the retail magnate and star of BBC TV’s Dragons’ Den, Theo Paphitis, prior to setting up the agency. She learned that high standards go a long way to helping people succeed in a competitive marketplace.

We have some famous clients but we don’t restrict our work to celebrities. The business name is tongue in cheek as few people choose to be famous. Most people simply want recognition within their peer group. Not everyone wants to be king of the jungle. They might simply want to develop their business further. We have some wonderful retained clients and we also love project work for the variety it provides. We are equally happy working with B2C, B2B and not-for-profit clients. We have strong experience in the professional services field and enjoy supporting lawyers and accountants.

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Guppy Love

Guppy Love

In the latest of a series of “fish rebranding campaigns”, megrim sole and spider crab will henceforth be known as “Cornish sole” and “Cornish king crab”. They’ve become the latest unfortunate sea creatures to undergo a rebrand, riding on the coattails of the Chilean seabass (formerly the Patagonian Toothfish) and the Orange Roughy (in a previous […]

22nd February 2021
The “great egg box shortage” and other stories

The “great egg box shortage” and other stories

The local cardboard recycling bin seems to be constantly overflowing. If I ever walk past on the blessed day it’s been emptied, I return home to remove the small pile of packaging that’s undoubtedly been accumulating by the front door. I’m not particularly proud of this fact, but it certainly seems I’m not the only […]

19th February 2021
The office jargon we love to hate

The office jargon we love to hate

Do office buzzwords make you die a tiny bit on the inside? If so, it turns out you’re not the only one. According to a Get Response poll, cliché business terms can be in equal parts “annoying and exhausting”. Let’s unpack this a bit further by taking a holistic overview in order to really drill down on our feelings. Are your toes […]

18th February 2021
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