Does your business have ‘rizz’?

The Oxford English Dictionary’s 2023 ‘word of the year’ left many of us asking the question, “does my business have rizz”?

First and foremost, let’s talk about what rizz means in case you are staring blankly at your computer screen and wondering ‘what in the Gen Z slang universe is rizz?!’

Well, Rizz is simply an abbreviation of charisma. While it is often used in the context of romantic appeal, rizz is something that everybody in business should be striving towards.

Why? Because you need a little rizz in order to stand out and, ultimately, be successful. So, you might be asking yourself is ‘how do I get rizz?’… or maybe ‘how do I rizz my business?’ (Is it a noun, is it a verb, who knows?).

Anyway… Let’s start by laying out a few key qualities that make businesses charismatic:

Authenticity and Trendsetting

In the world of business, authenticity is often as simple as upholding a clear set of values. People want to feel a sense of trust with the brands and business to whom they pay their hard-earned cash.

Also, do you ever watch those reels where the dog is doing something really goofy, and the dog’s owner creates a voiceover to lay on top of the video, as though the dog were narrating its own nonsense? Well, the people who make their own original audios (which other people then use) generate a LOT more engagement than accounts which re-use other people’s original audios over their content.

What I’m saying is, don’t jump on the bandwagon, build it.


Far too often, businesses who are trying to gain traction in the advertising space or on social media platforms look at what their competitors are doing and try to replicate that exactly. This is a very quick and simple way to become lost in an ocean of businesses which are all carbon copies of one another.

For example, photographers can become caught up trying to mimic the style of other social media accounts they admire, and in so doing they blend into the background and are often overlooked. Perfectionism and the aspiration to ‘be as good as’ someone else hinders progress by removing individuality.

Nine times out of ten, when I look through my ‘discover’ feed on Instagram, I engage with photographs that stand out – they’re not necessarily as pretty or perfect as the ‘trending’ styles, but they catch my eye simply because they’re different.

Social and cultural awareness

Every single day, we are surrounded by countless different generations and cultures. Online, at the shops, at work and anywhere else you may venture. Yet, many people make very little effort to understand others around them.

Social and cultural awareness involves recognising and adapting to differences in language, behaviour and values. Nobody wants to be in business with a person or company whom they feel doesn’t understand them, or care to.

Specialist PR agency

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