Planning your 2024 workcation

As an ever-increasing number of employers embrace the practice of remote working, have you considered taking a workcation to help you battle burnout?

Data collected in the 2021 Anatomy of Work Index, compiled by American software company Asana, shows that 87 per cent of employees globally worked late in 2020 and 71 per cent of all knowledge workers – such as IT Professionals, physicians or pharmacists – experienced burnout.

The successive index produced by Asana for the year 2022 labelled burnout as a “pervasive issue for knowledge workers”, with almost one in four workers experiencing burnout four or more times. 

The workcation is a version of remote working which involves swapping your office view of a drizzly English street for something more tropical. Subject to the permission of your employer, almost any remote worker can choose to take a workcation but it tends to work best for digital nomads rather than those travelling with a family in tow.

Some of the benefits of a workcation include:

As with everything, there are also downsides to workcations. These might include travel expenses and distractions leading to unproductivity. It’s also important to remember that time off should not be completely substituted with workcations and that it’s important to take time to fully disconnect from work.

Here are some important tips and tricks for planning a successful workcation:

Specialist PR agency

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