Investing time into a hobby might keep you sane

Whilst many of us are privileged to work in a job role that we dearly enjoy, for others work is simply a means to an end. Either way, the responsibilities and pressures of work – married, for some, with the stress of parenthood – can weigh heavily on your mental health if you have no outlet to escape.

Hobbies serve as the perfect distraction of every-day life and allow you to connect with people who have the same interests as you.

Although I was once a professional equestrian, I switched to riding horses for recreation several years ago when I began working in an office environment.

Juggling work, motherhood to young baby, step-motherhood to a teenager and all of the other responsibilities that come with being an independent adult can quickly turn into sensory overload.

Now more than ever, I am grateful to have a pastime which allows me the opportunity to clear my mind – which is usually running at 100MHP – and spend time away from reality. This is not to say that I don’t love my reality, but rather that breaking things up by spending time doing an activity that I enjoy helps me to relax, de-stress and inevitably be more patient and switched-on when I go back home.

Hobbies come in all shapes and sizes, but those that involve physical activity offer the additional benefit of getting your body moving.

If you sit behind a desk from 9 till 5, you might find an ironic sense of relief in hitting the gym or – in my case – getting into the saddle.

Of course, hobbies – like everything else in life – are meant to be challenging in order for you to value the reward. No-one said climbing atop a highly-strung ex-racing horse and asking him to dance would be easy, but the many adrenaline-fuelled near-death experiences being flung this way and that made the days he chose to listen all the more sweet.

Those hard-earned successes are great at boost your self-esteem.

What’s even better? Each time I come home, covered in hay, dirt and the pungent aroma of horses I have a story to tell and a wide smile on my face. (God bless my partner for quietly listening to my stories week after week, despite not fully understanding what I’m talking about).

For those with a quieter lifestyle, taking part in recreational activity or pursing an amateur interest can also help to minimise wasted time and falling into bad habits such as crawling into bed and switching on Netflix immediately after finishing work.

Whether it’s a sport, an art form, a craft, collecting or any other of the thouands of hobbies out there, I highly recommend that you consider taking one up.

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