Business Development

We spend a lot of time writing and designing informative digital newsletters to share with our client’s customers and prospects.

This activity helps with the business development for a leading B2B firm because their contacts actively respond to interesting mailings. 

We also know that good PR and publicity help with business development because people grow to like businesses and brands with whom they are familiar. 

PR also helps businesses and brands to be found more easily since press articles appear online when customers search for their brand name. This is sometimes called ‘media proof’. 

Positive PR can be linked to sales, although the precise relationship is virtually impossible to pinpoint – it really is a matter of faith, not a metric. There are frequent instances when our PR and publicity has coincided with sales spikes, for example when links appear in articles and the client’s product sales spike. However, there are many influences on the buyer, such as social media, advertising, physical retail, or ‘word of mouth’ from their best friend, so it’s important not to overstate the role of PR.