Brand Communication

Having promoted household brands for longer than I care to remember, I have a strong understanding of every element of branding.

Whether we are talking about brand essence or customer service, or every stage between, the agency can support brand owners in their marketing communication. 

We appreciate that strong brands are a combination of the ‘rational and the emotional’. PR assists in amplifying a brand. Positive publicity can add evidence to a brand’s veracity and can likewise create a favourable environment that facilities communication. 

A brand is nothing without connection to its target audiences. PR is all about connection – whether via articles in reputable digital media, a newspaper or magazine articles or an uplifting TV news item. People trust brands who behave kindly to them and who they recognise. 

If there is dissonance between the brand promise and brand delivery, the PR will not ring true. I’m sorry, but it’s unlikely the agency will be able to assist you. We’re not for everyone and not every business is for us.